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JCB ENGINE / 320/40075 DIESELMAX NAT ASP 9802/2910 / Список запчастей

Используемые запасные части.

320/40077Engine complete 84.5bhp-24v NA 11" T/C + HDPTO
320/09020Bracket engine lifting HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
892/01146Tool fitting core plug
892/01155Tool removal f.i.p gear
892/01151Tool fitting, injector sleeve
892/01147Tool crankshaft turning
892/01148Tool timing pin crank & cam
892/01152Tool fitting, valve stem seal
892/01150Tool location pin sump pan
892/01154Tool remover f.i.p gear cover
892/01158Tool mandrel rear oil seal
892/01156Tool rear crankshaft oil seal fitting
892/01157Tool front crankshaft seal fitting
892/01159Tool fitting, injector seal
892/01168Tool dummy injector compression tester
892/01169Tool TDC setting
892/01173Tool LOCTITE applicator
892/01179Tool C-SPANNER FIP
892/01259Tool extension ring rear seal insertion
892/01264Tool injector removal
320/07182Tube fuel drain
892/01149Template oil pan sealant pressed sumps only HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
892/01175Template sealant bedplate to block
892/01192Template gearcase to block
892/01177Template sealant, flywheel housing to gearcase
320/00830Sealant 5900 HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
320/00834Seal 243 threadlocker
320/00831Sealant 518
320/00828Sealant 620
320/00833Gasket remover 7200
320/00832Cleaner degreaser 7063
320/00829Lubricant o ring P80
4001/1501Oil 15W/40, 5 litres
4001/1701Oil JCB 10W/30 5 litres
4001/1901Oil JCB 20/W50 5 Litre
4001/1502Oil 15W/40, 25 litres
4001/1702Oil JCB 10W/30 25 litres
4001/1902Oil JCB 20/W50 25 Litre
4001/1503Oil 15W/40, 200 litres
4001/1703Oil JCB 10W/30 200 litres
4001/1903Oil JCB 20/W50 200 Litre
4006/0102Fluid anti-freeze 5 litre
4006/0103Fluid anti-freeze 25 Ltr
4006/0104Fluid anti-freeze 200 Ltr
320/09200Kit-seal rocker cover
320/07504Seal Fuel Injector
320/07580Seal Rocker Cover
320/06587Cap fuel injector
320/06588Cap fuel pipe
320/07034O Ring I/D3.5 x O/D7.25mm
320/04092O Ring oil filler cap
320/09216Kit-top gasket naturally aspirated
320/04113Gasket oil cooler cover
320/05512Gasket intake heater
320/06524Seal injector
320/06004Gasket exhaust manifold
320/05550Gasket inlet manifold
320/04543Seal C
320/03533Seal valve stem
320/02608Gasket cylinder head
320/06530Washer fuel injector
320/04040O Ring
320/04501Gasket water inlet pipe
320/04179O Ring
320/04057Seal bonded
320/04521Seal bonded
320/04551Washer bonded seal
320/07051O Ring
320/09218Kit-bottom gasket
320/04510Gasket water pump
320/03119Seal front oil
320/03029Seal rear oil
320/09219Kit-oil pan HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
320/04050O Ring
320/00831Sealant 518 SeeNote1
320/06015Gasket oil drain to block
320/05140O Ring
320/06519Seal injection pump to timing case
320/08007O Ring
320/08009O Ring
320/40059Engine short naturally aspirated HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
320/40266Engine short naturally aspirated
320/40061Engine long naturally aspirated
320/40272Engine long naturally aspirated
320/09284Kit-engine overhaul standard naturally aspirated
320/09210Kit-piston and Rings Standard
320/03040Bolt con-rod M10 x 57
320/09281Kit-bottom gasket turbo engine HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
320/09285Kit-engine overhaul oversize - 0.50mm naturally aspirated
320/09236Kit-piston and Rings +0.50mm
320/09281Kit-bottom gasket turbo engine HEALH&SAFETYWARNING
320/09286Kit-engine overhaul oversize - 1.0mm naturally aspirated
320/09237Kit-piston and Rings +1.0mm
320/07155Filter fuel 5 micron
320/04114Retainer fuel filter
2102/0407Pin tension
1317/3305ZBolt Flanged M8 x 20 lg
320/04133Filter engine oil
320/08598Belt drive L=1835
320/08599Belt drive L=1855
320/08686Belt 8 PK 1909
320/08647Belt drive L=1929
320/08646Belt drive L=1941
320/08601Belt drive L=1955
320/08552Belt drive L=1981
320/08603Belt drive L=1988
320/08609Belt drive L=1995
320/08608Belt drive L=2002
320/08604Belt drive L=2011
320/08672Belt drive L=2079
320/08605Belt drive L=2093
320/08606Belt drive L=2110
320/08600Belt drive L=2121
320/08607Belt drive L=2141
320/03143Pulley crankshaft
320/03069Bolt torx head flange M12 x 65 x 12.9
320/08584Adjuster auto-tension
1319/0308ZScrew star drive M8 x 30
320/09032Motor starter 12v with earth stud
714/40302Switch starter solenoid 12 Volt
714/40303Kit-sundry parts
714/40305Brush holder assembly 12volt
714/40306Kit-brush 12 Volt
1319/0408ZScrew star drive M10 x 30
320/04046Switch oil pressure
320/04554Switch cold start advance
320/04545Switch temperature sender
320/04558Switch sender coolant temperature BLACK M12 x 1.25
320/04588Switch sender coolant BLUE temperature M12 x 1.5 SeeNote1
716/30098Solenoid 12Volt
17/105202Seal Ring
320/04588Switch sender coolant BLUE temperature M12 x 1.5
716/30255Solenoid fuel pump - ESOS cold start advance
320/06551Pipe fuel assembly No.1 & 2 injectors
320/06511Clip f.i.p 2 way
320/06554Pipe fuel assembly No.3 & 4 injectors
320/07059Pipe fuel lift pump to fuel filter
320/07087Pipe fuel fuel filter to fuel injection pump
320/07019Pipe assembly fuel leak-off
320/07033Ring snap
320/07055Clip pipe
320/07052Pipe fuel filter to fuel injection pump
320/06513Injector fuel assembly - 60Kw
320/02639Clamp fuel injector
320/02593Bolt injector clamp
320/07040Pump fuel lift
320/07056Rod push low pressure fuel pump
1319/0307ZScrew star drive M8 x 25
320/06601Pump fuel injection 63.0kW internal PRV MSSbyitems1Aand1B
320/06737Pump injection 63kw 12v T2
320/06578Gear injection pump 65T
320/06577Nut M14 fuel injection pump gear
320/07063Stud M8 X 1.25
320/06564Nut M8 flange head
17/110701Ring seal
17/922429Connector inlet
17/922402O Ring
17/922412Screw governor cover
17/922411Washer sealing
17/922415Plate clamping
17/108701Connector fuel pressure
17/922426Lever throttle
17/105222Washer cup
17/108709Bush flanged
17/110903Spring return lever
17/110904Guide spring
17/108715Nut lock
17/922428Adapter leakback
17/922404O Ring
17/922403O Ring
17/922427Pipe fuel leakback
17/922407Seal washer
17/922408Screw governor cover
17/922423Plug blanking
17/922419O Ring
17/922432Plate pressure cover
17/922433O Ring
17/922440Plate advance cover
17/922441O Ring
320/04542Pump water assembly
320/04514Screw pan head M8 x 25
320/04547Connector water inlet assembly
1319/0305ZScrew star drive M8 x 20
320/04540Housing thermostat
320/04552Thermostat assembly
1316/0305ZBolt High Tensile
320/07630Cover rocker assembly
320/04090Cap Oil Filler Assembly
320/07602Cover Diaphragm Valve
320/07606Diaphragm CCV
320/07578Plate spring support
320/07573Spring CCV Valve
320/07613Screw pan head M6 x 12
320/07632Filter CCV mesh
320/07611Cover gauze filter
826/11362Screw Flange Head M6 x16
320/07615Bolt isolated 63mm x M8 Star Drive
320/07640Bolt Isolated 60m x M8 HEX Head
320/07616Cover injector seal
320/07617Insert injector seal cover
320/03624Shaft rocker assembly NLAseeitems1A,1B&1CforMSS
320/03649Kit Rocker Shaft Assembly
320/03647Piece bridge
320/03677Rod push
320/03617Shaft rocker
320/03619Arm exhaust rocker assembly
320/03620Arm inlet rocker assembly
320/03523Washer spring
320/03622Pedestal rocker NLAseeitems6A,6B&6CforMSS
320/03644Pedestal rocker oil feed NLAseeitems7A,7B&7CforMSS
320/03602Bolt M8 x 55
1315/3316ZBolt M8 x 70
320/03666Adjuster valve lash
320/03632Piece bridge
320/03667Shaft rocker assembly NLAseeitems1A,1B&1CforMSS
320/03673Arm rocker exhaust
320/03653Arm inlet rocker
1319/3316ZScrew star drive M8 x 70
320/03650Arm exhaust rocker
320/03656Pedestal rocker shafy
320/03657Pedestal rocker shaft oil feed
1317/3312ZBolt M8 x 50
1317/3315ZBolt flange head M8 x 65
320/03515Rod push
320/03524Tappet valve
320/05562Manifold air induction
320/05511Plate blanking intake heater
320/05564Hose oil breather
320/05565Clip hose
320/06020Manifold exhaust
320/06045Bolt M10 x 57
320/09225Head cylinder assembly NA/TC
M.S.SMulti Supersession PartN.L.Ause1Awith18A
320/09246Head cylinder assembly
320/02594Seat valve inlet
320/02596Seat exhaust valve
320/03612Valve inlet
320/03616Valve exhaust
320/03674Spring valve
320/03689Retainer valve spring
320/03528Valve cotter
320/02611Sleeve injector
320/02595O Ring injector
320/00803Plug core d=40mm
320/00834Seal 243 threadlocker HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
320/00828Sealant 620 SeeNote1
320/00829Lubricant o ring P80 SeeNote1
320/02612Gasket cylinder head oversize +0.25
320/02613Gasket cylinder head oversize +0.50
320/02521Bolt cylinder head M12 x 140mm
320/04546Connector water outlet
816/90783Plug M16 HeaterlessBuildsOnly
1406/0015Washer Bonded UsedOnlywithitem22
320/09020Bracket engine lifting
320/09039Label front lifting eye
320/09040Label rear lifting eye
320/04180Cooler assembly
320/04115Element engine oil cooler 6 plate
320/04154Insert threaded M22 x 1"-12unf
320/04042Plug beta
320/04078Plug M22 x 1.5 ZL
320/04178Plug drain M22-1.5
320/04137Cooler oil assembly 3 plate
320/04136Element oil cooler 3 plate
320/00805Plug core d=16mm
320/04170Sump oil assembly
320/04013Plug oil drain
1319/0303ZScrew star drive M8 x 16
320/04162Seal oil-pick-up
1406/0019Seal Dowty
320/00849Clip pipe
25/222662Plug oil drain Kit (inc tube)
332/C3428Tube oil sump drain
320/04131Pump engine oil
1319/0312ZScrew star drive M8 x 50
320/03122Flywheel assembly 11"Torque convertor
320/03102Gear flywheel ring T=122
320/03042Bolt M14 x 108mm
320/05152Housing flywheel FH1
320/01527Dowel M10 x 25
320/01528Dowel M12 x 25
1319/3416ZBolt star drive M10 x 70
1319/3420ZBolt star drive M10 x 100
1319/3315ZBolt six lobed M8x65
320/00831Sealant 518 HEALTH&SAFETYWARNING
320/05021Cover flywheel access
320/05183Cover f.i.p gear
835/10136Plug PVC D=19mm
320/03629Camshaft assembly NA
320/05115Hub idler gear
320/05118Dowel ring 10 x 10
320/05137Gear HDPTO camshaft idler assembly
320/05117Bolt pan head M10 x 60mm
320/05179Casing timing gear
320/00825Sealant LOCTITE 5182
320/05125Setscrew M8 x 20
320/08006Plate blanking ldpto access
1319/0407ZScrew star drive M10 x 25
320/08008Plate blanking hdpto access
1319/0509ZScrew star drive M12 x 35
320/09213Kit-piston ring standard
320/09214Kit-piston ring oversize - 0.50mm
320/09215Ring Kit +1.0mm
320/03114Rod connecting
320/03017Bush small end
320/09205Kit-big-end bearing standard
320/09206Kit-big end bearing undersize - 0.25mm
320/09207Kit-big end bearing undersize - 0.50mm
320/09201Kit-crankshaft assembly
320/09202Kit-main bearing standard
320/09203Kit-main bearing undersize - 0.25mm
320/09204Kit-main bearing undersize - 0.50mm
320/09208Kit-thrust washer standard
320/09209Kit-thrust washer oversize - 0.20mm
320/04080Plug M12 x 1.5 Zero Leak
320/03132Gear crankshaft assembly 320/03132
2105/1405Dowel pin
320/03133Hub flywheel
1319/0411ZScrew star drive M10 x 45
320/03132Gear crankshaft assembly
320/09253Kit-main bearing Standard
320/09254Kit-main bearing undersize -0.25mm
320/09255Kit-main bearing undersize -0.50mm
320/01782Block cylinder & bedplate assembly
320/04082Plug zero leak M18 x 1.5
320/00802Plug core d=36mm
320/00801Plug core d=25mm
320/01717Dowel 16 x 30
320/02006Bolt main bearing M14 x 164mm
320/00804Plug core d=62mm
320/00834Seal 243 threadlocker SeeNote1
320/01722Jet piston cooling
320/01526Dowel flatted M10 x 25
320/02525Dowel ring
320/01772O Ring
1319/3318ZBolt star drive M8 x 80
320/06018Plate blanking tc oil drain
320/04208Gasket blk to o/drain pipe
320/05136Plug idler gear blanking M8 x 18
320/01802Block cylinder & bedplate assembly mT3
320/07715Valve Drain CCV
320/00812Sealant omnifit 100M HEALTHandSAFETYWARNING
320/00812Sealant omnifit 100M SeeNote1
320/00825Sealant LOCTITE 5182 SeeNote1
1317/3318ZBolt M8 x 80 flange reduced hex


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